Insanity is based around plyometric movements in Maximal Interval Training. With the use of complex bodyweight exercises the workout will have you working at a high intensity for 2-3 minutes and then resting for 30 seconds ready to go at your maximal intensity again! It is known as Maximal Interval Training because it keeps your body working at maximum capacity throughout the entire workout. The limits are always being pushed resulting in your body adapting, improving and getting fitter and stronger!

A Workout is split into several BLOCKS, focused on different targets:
Plyometric and Speed
Strength and Stability
Agility and Coordination
Abs and Core

This workout can be catered to beginning individuals and the advanced. It is important to note that each exercise has a modification to reduce the impact, a maximal workout is tailored to the individual – you can only work to your own max!

Stanton St Quintin Primary School – Wednesdays @ 8pm
Bradford on Avon, St Laurence School – Sundays @ 9.30am
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