Personal Training & Classes

Are you looking for a new exciting way to get fit and improve your general well-being, have fun and meet like minded people at the same time? With ATP Health & Fitness you can do just that by joining our Circuit-based training sessions or embarking on a campaign in personal training, all of which are designed to put you through your paces, but with the emphasis on enjoyment and fun. Each circuit session is designed to give clients a number of exercise options and is therefore suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness, not just those already capable of high intensity workouts.

We also have a page dedicated to ZUMBA, which is just as influential in getting and maintaining a level of fitness, as well as being just as enjoyable. We believe that this fantastic innovation, originating from Columbia, is just as important as any method of exercise when done at the correct intensity. Please check out that page if you are interested on exercising, but in a slightly different way to a circuit-based class or under a personal regime. You will continue to reach your fitness goals.

Come along and join in the fun!!!

  • Improve overall health and fitness
  • Lose weight
  • Tone up and get into shape
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Increase energy, stamina & endurance
  • Meet up with a fantastic group of people
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!