Trevor was recommended to me by two separate neighbours – one a few years ago when I lived in South Gloucestershire, and more recently when I moved to Wiltshire. I had spine surgery 6 years ago and had lost a lot of confidence about what I could and couldn’t do with fitness. I was diagnosed with degenerative scoliosis early last year and the physio I saw recommended that I had deep tissue massage which was when I eventually contacted Trevor. After a couple of massages my physio noticed a significant difference and recommended I just kept on with the massages weekly. He said if everyone had a massage like that regularly, physios wouldn’t need to see most of their patients. I no longer go to physio as I have found that since Trevor has worked on my back I have gone from having pain continuously during the day and being woken up by it during the night, to no pain at night and feeling mostly pain-free during the day. Not only that, he has gently pushed me towards getting back to the kind of exercise that I had thought would be out of bounds with my back problems. This has had a real impact on my confidence in terms of what exercises I can now return to. I’m now planning to be back running after getting some strength in his circuit classes – not to mention Bernice’s Zumba classes. These classes have even further improved my back symptoms. All round I couldn’t be happier and more surprised at the degree my back pain has improved and how this has effected my day to day life.


When Trevor first came to do sessions with me, I had been told by the occupational therapist that I would no longer be able to walk, due to my age and the after-effects of catching pneumonia. Less than a year later, I can now use my walker again and have been able to start going outside. Trevor has made such an impact on my confidence and my quality of life and I can’t thank him enough. Mr K Jaeger

I have been a member of ATP Health and Fitness for years, initially enjoying B’s Zumba classes and Trevor’s circuit training sessions. After two consecutive operations on my feet and knee, I took Trevor on as my personal trainer, as I needed specialist advice and a unique fitness regime. Trevor devised an excellent non weight baring rehabilitation programme, to build up my fitness and strength. His support and encouragement over the years has been endless,culminating in my being able to walk 110 miles over seven days, in aid of Breast Cancer Research. He makes every fitness session fun and varied and we always have a laugh, even when he’s working you hard. He not only has extensive knowledge of compiling the appropriate exercise programme for your needs, but is also fully qualified in sports massage, relieving taught muscles for his private clients to enabling numerous national athletes get back on track and on their game. Trevor is a true professional and I would not hesitate in recommending him. – H.Sturley.


Trevor has been indispensable for us, having trained us for numerous events including half marathons (which he participated in with us) and a climb up Kilimanjaro. His knowledge of the science behind training makes his workouts highly effective but safe in the knowledge that you wont pick up any injuries. He is also a qualified sports masseur and can work out any niggles from work or exercise. If all that wasn’t enough, we just really enjoy spending time with him, and the dogs love him just as much! We could not recommend his services highly enough.Lisa and Robert Dafforn


Trevor Bramble has been visiting us weekly for around three years. He was recommended by a very old friend of ours, and we had no hesitation in recommending him to another old friend of ours.
Trevor looks after my husband who has Hydrocephalus, which Frenchay Hospital found they could not treat. However Trevor has encouraged James to walk and has improved his mobility with exercises. Trevor is always cheerful and reliable, and a pleasure to have in the house, as his sense of fun and his humour are great.
James and he have become real friends over the years and nothing is too much trouble for Trevor. James adds he much appreciates his wit, and looks forward to his visits very much.
We recommend him very highly indeed.
With our best regards
Gill & James Elliot


“I have been attending Trevors circuit training classes for a while but wanted to focus more on improving my running with my goal of running a half marathon and eventually moving up to a full one.  I asked Trevor to help me prepare for this.

 I had run a lot in the Army a long time ago but after too long in a sedentary job needed to refocus on this level of fitness. Trevor helped me develop my running approach with a gradually progressive program that incorporated stamina, speed, goal setting and nutrition management.  I built up stamina with interval training and increasing distance over time which got me running at a consistent pace over ever increasing distances that would allow me to run a sub 2 hour half marathon (my goal).  Unfortunately, in an unassociated incident I ruptured a ligament in my ankle and have had to have an operation which has delayed my training but Trevor has been supportive of me through this process and is interacting with the medical team to assist in my rehabilitation.  As part of this I have applied to enter the London Marathon for 2014 and Trevor will be helping me regain my base fitness and prepare for this challenge.  I would happily recommend the personal training services Trevor offers to anyone.” – Chris O


“It was an appreciative recommendation from a friend which encouraged me to seek Trevor’s help.  He has more than lived up to my expectations. Although I was initially nervous about such personal contact, his gentle introduction into the world of personal training has increased my confidence and stimulated my efforts to overcome my physical problems. Each exercise Programme is always focused entirely on my needs at the time. It is organised within my capabilities so I am unlikely to fail, but it also encourages me to improve further. There is no doubt that during a comparatively short period I have regained more physical strengths than I expected. 

Of course, behind Trevor’s kind and relaxed manner lies the knowledge and expertise which the client needs. There’s an underlying rigor in the Programme which I may not recognise at the time but at the end of a session I always, sometimes to my surprise, realise it’s been a good and productive workout.  A great morale booster which encourages me (most unusually) to exercise a little between his sessions.

Although I’ve attended various exercise classes, including Yoga, for many years I’ve discovered that at my age keeping up with a ProgrammeÂdesigned for a general group is no longer helpful,My body only moves at its own pace now.  I always thought personal trainers were only for posh people, but not any more.  Having Trevor provide a Programme designed on this individual basis (and without even having to leave my own home each time) is the way forward for me.” – Margaret D


“Anyone that knew me would think I was the last person to take on a personal trainer. I don’t like being told what to do and can feel quite self conscious. I do need motivation, encouragement and discipline though….enter Trevor Bramble. Having met him when a friend ‘dragged’ me to his circuits class I shocked myself when a few months later I was asking about his PT sessions and still going to his circuits class – a testament to the man himself and his personality.

I started PT over a year ago and think it’s safe to say am not thinking of giving up anytime soon. What has it done for me, well most of all made me understand that you can enjoy exercise and look forward to it, eat well and maintain a balanced life. I am fitter now than I have been for many years, more toned and certainly more focused. It has not been without ups and downs, I have had several injuries which Trevor has managed and most of all still kept me ‘working out and active’ without his input I would be back to piling on those pounds. So if it’s circuit based, running or sparing, twice a week I know there is something fun in store that will push, challenge and motivate me…and yes I did use ‘Fun’ in that sentence.” :) – Sue W


“I have been working with Trev for two years now after initially contacting him in a bid to regain my fitness Mojo. Physical activity has always been a big part of my life but I let work stresses and strains get in the way of this, and take over!

Trev was, and always has been easy to talk to and approachable from our day one consultation, and he got me back on the straight and narrow, and feeling more like my old self again within three months. Since then he has been very successful at keeping me sane in this crazy world via personal training, as well as through stress management and sports massage.

I have tended to keep a lot of stress and tension pent up within my shoulders and legs, as well as creating some of my own stress/injuries after some over exuberant physical activities, and Trev has always managed to put me back together again as quickly as possible.

His consistent positivity and passion for health and fitness are infectious, and he spends the time to get to know what makes all of his clients tick, which contributes hugely to his consistent success stories with his clients, as he knows how to obtain the best out of them!” – Lucy W


“I am so impressed by the entire body workout; I have begun to replace my gym visits with circuit based training. The hour I spend at this class, hits all the right spots and leaves me with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and an ache in my muscles! I have loads more energy and my body shape is toning up nicely. 100% satisfaction. The ATP training sessions have helped me to step my training up a notch and to put in more effort. Trevor has the gift of motivation and gets the very best from the group. Sessions are cleverly balanced between lively and fun, against hard work and reward.” – Anita Druce, School Business Manager, Stanton St. Quintin


“I started circuits last August at the age of 58. I was getting sluggish despite having an active job and was putting it down to getting older. I decided something must be done. Contacting Trevor at ATP put my mind at ease immediately, he checked me out, talked about life style, food and the different exercises. The people who go to ATP circuits could not be friendlier we all go at our own pace, there are no gym posers only people of all ages who are happy to chat and support you. Now I can run better and exercise better than I ever could. It’s cheaper than the gym and far better than the gym and I have made many new friends. Try it out you wont be sorry.” – Rich Kingman


I was introduced to Trevor Bramble at the beginning of August 2010 by my friend who has been attending his excellent circuit training sessions for quite some time.  Trevor gave me an initial fitness test on 11th August and training started in earnest on 13th August.  Trevor had what would appear to be an upward struggle to help me get fit for the following reasons; I had spent 12 years in hospital with a broken neck and other near fatal injuries in 1982 after a very serious accident; my right shoulder and top of arm is metal; I have had a partial gastrectomy which means that I have to take great care with my diet and am limited to a few plain foods (no meat, bread, sauces, spices to name a few); I have osteoporosis with very low bone density.

What could Trevor do for me and how could he help me?  Well he has totally changed my life and well-being in this last two months and this is just the beginning. I walk upright with my head held high; my right arm does not give me continual pain in fact I have had no pain since the end of August. The few muscles around the metal shoulder head and shaft are getting much stronger which means that I have more movement; I don’t need to take the tablets that had been prescribed over many years for my digestive problems; I don’t have any backache; my energy level is increased beyond recognition; I walk faster and am much stronger. I am bright-eyed (and bushy tailed!). My body has become much leaner and firmer and my bottom doesn’t now wobble when I jump up and down!!

It is so wonderful to feel so well and fit after just a short while and the training sessions of one hour three times a week are a joy.  It is hard work for one hour each session but the time seems to whizz by Of course the next day I am stiff and initially was walking like a duck after each training session but, as my body gets stronger and fitter, the aching gets less.  I remember the saying no pain, no gain but Trevor is such a delightful man with a superb sense of humour that it is all great fun. Also Trevor puts in an enormous amount of his own time in the evenings to work out the programme for me for the next training session which will be of optimum benefit.

Thank you Trevor for being surely the finest fitness trainer anyone could wish to have.  You are a credit to your profession and deserve to go to the top. Well done and again continued thanks for all the help you are giving me. – Jan A, 60+


I started Trev’s circuit classes in June and was surprised at how enjoyable they were. This was mainly due to the variety of exercises and Trev’s sheer enthusiasm for his classes and every person there. I decided to hire him as a personal trainer in August because training on my own with no motivation at the gym was getting me nowhere. Training with Trev has meant that I now enjoy exercising and after doing his Food & Mood assessment, I am now more aware of what I eat and have altered my diet for the better. Training with Trev is fun and he keeps me motivated the whole time(which for me, is a feat in itself!)

Thanks to Trev helping me change my diet and encouraging me to enjoy exercise I have gone down two dress sizes and have lost around a stone already. He’s not your average Personal Trainer, he’s Super Trev the Trainer – Emma S, 20+


Trevor has given me a new lease of life, increasing my energy levels and making me feel more alive.  Before he came into my life exercise was a thing to be avoided at all costs.  However having been diagnosed with Diabetes I decided it was time to take my life in hand.  Our neighbours had started personal training with Trevor and were singing his praises, so my husband and I met with Trevor who was inspirational from the first meeting telling us how much nutrition was as important as exercise.  We decided to give personal training ago and have been having sessions for six months.  I am now so much fitter it scares me.  To begin with Trevor adapted sessions to accommodate somebody new to exercise but gradually so that I didn’t really notice the sessions became more tailored and demanding to accommodate my new level of fitness.  I am now fitter than I have been in twenty years and it feels wonderful.  I can honestly recommend Trevor as an inspirational, caring and committed trainer, my success is his success.  And he always has a smile on his face! – Paula Meredith


Although I thought I was reasonably fit refereeing football matches two or three times a week I realised after Trevor started training my wife and I that I really was not.  Trevor’s attitude and approach  to nutrition is enlightening and we have adapted many of his suggestions  very easily into our daily life.  With regard to personal training Trevor’s continued enthusiasm and encouragement six months after we started is as genuine as the first session.  He manages to get just a bit more out of you every training session. He also gives me a sports massage when I need it which has helped tremendously with refereeing. Trevor always has time to give opinions and advice and never makes the sessions feel rushed.  I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor as a first class personal trainer and nutritionist. – Richard Meredith


My husband and I started training with Trevor in September 2010 after he was recommended to us by a friend. Many months on and we are both still enjoying every session. Trevor has put us both through our paces but has also put us in the right frame of mind about eating right and keeping healthy. As you are all aware it’s not easy to get yourself motivated enough to get yourself to the gym, this is why we decided to have Trevor train us at home. My husband has achieved his goals in 6 months (Weight & Fitness) and I have also achieved better fitness. We are now continuing with Trevor long term as we both feel that it is so beneficial for a long healthy life.- Jo Fletcher


I had got to the point where I wanted to feel fitter and lose a few pounds and as I was coming up to my 40th birthday I felt this would be the perfect time for an investment in myself.  I am a qualified nurse and Reiki practitioner and firmly believe that you should look after your whole body, meaning it’s physical, emotional and spiritual parts.  When you feel a little unfit and overweight this not only affects you physically but emotionally also. When taking on Trevor as a personal trainer the initial period was for 18 sessions over 9 weeks along with 2 extra circuits classes that Trevor runs.  This gave me structure to exercise which was followed by commitment, especially when I started seeing the quick changes in my mood and fitness.  Another string to Trevor’s bow is his knowledge in nutrition which is second to none and works in synergy with your increasing levels of fitness.

The individual training sessions that Trevor gives are prepared, professional, extremely varied and most of all fun resulting in a firm belief from the client that Trevor really does care what progress you are making!! I have finished my 18 sessions now and will be keeping Trevor on for one PT session a week as I do not want to lose the level of fitness that I have obtained I will also keep on at least 2 circuit classes. The result of all of the hard work is a whole dress size smaller, lots of inch loss, less wobble and more smiles. – Liz H, 40+


“The last time I was this fit I was in my twenties, and in the army! I find it really hard to believe that at 46 I can still achieve this level of fitness. Trevor has been fantastic at steadily getting me fitter, more toned and in generally better shape than I have been for decades. The combination of strength and cardio-vascular exercises have meant that running and cycling have become easier than I ever thought possible, and I am looking forward to showing the youngsters how to chase down boundaries this cricket season!” – Pieter


“I can honestly say I have never enjoyed exercising this much! Exercise has never come naturally to me. In fact, I used to feel anxious before our PT sessions when we first started them back in October 2010. But, Trevor has managed to steadily increase my confidence and fitness levels and I’m definitely more toned than I used to be. It’s not just about the exercise though, his nutritional advice is helping me to shed the weight that I’ve gained over the past seven years. There are no short cuts to getting back into shape, it is hard work, but with Trevor’s programmes I know it’s a battle I can win! You’d be disappointed if I didn’t add that I’m so stiff that even fastening my seat belt is painful! Once again, thanks for the holiday programme I’m going to give it a try at the first opportunity I get.” – Desir


“In July 2008 I fell and broke my right femur. I already had an arthritic left knee, which deteriorated because of the added strain on it. So in September 2009 I had a half left knee replacement. Although I recovered well from these two operations, my GP said I needed to improve my balance and confidence, and arranged a visit to a physiotherapist, who advised joining an exercise class.

Trevor Bramble was just starting a class in our village hall, and I telephoned him to ask if his class would help. I was invited to attend the first 1 hour session.  There were 10 of us ladies of various ages. The session comprised 10 different exercises which could be adapted to different levels of ability. Each exercise lasts for less than a minute, before moving on to another in rotation. This makes the session interesting, varied and helpful. Trevor is watchful and encouraging so that ladies can gain maximum benefit during each session.  The exercises also change from week to week.

There is also a friendly atmosphere among the group, which has changed as people have left and others have joined. We can pay for each individual session at the time, or for a series of sessions according to preference.

I have gained confidence and mobility and can recommend it for those of any age.  I am 77, but some of the members of the group have young children.” – Hazel Harper


“Thanks to Trevor and his emphasis on core strength, one of his clients at the age of 75 years was able to complete a 14k round trip to the famous and beautiful Lake Joffre National Park Pemberton North of Vancouver.

I completed the climb, scrambled over boulder fields and tree route covered tracks without feeling any ill-effects ¦my family were amazed that I could keep up and quite frankly so was I!

I know I could not have tackled this climb a year ago without constant stops and moans, and I am convinced that the work and encouragement during the weekly hour with Trevor is responsible for making the hike possible and even a pleasure.” – JT, Age 70+


“Trevor is an excellent personal trainer, he tailor makes his exercise classes to suit a very wide range of clients, be there young or old.  He has been instrumental in keeping us fit both mentally and physically for the last few years.  I would highly recommend him we are both in our eighties.” - J&E Bath


“I have known Trevor professionally as a physiotherapist.  He is a very thorough, knowledgeable and safe personal trainer.  He gives good advice and manages to enthuse all his clients with kind and calm instructions.  They are indeed lucky to have his expertise.” – Sue, physiotherapist.