About Us

ATP Health & Fitness

ATP Health & Fitness was born after an idea and clear vision put together by myself and Matt Philpot (ATP Health and Fitness, Norwich) whilst studying for our health and fitness qualifications at Premier Training, who are affiliated to Bath University. With many years of experience in the health and fitness arena, I decided that health and fitness were undeniably interlinked but there was an unfortunate mainstream view that if fitness was to be achieved then subscription to the local gym and leisure centre was paramount. That is what I wanted to change.

Whilst not disputing the role that these establishments have, the fact remains that, unless you have a desire to train in the same environment every time, you ideally need to get out into the open environment more often!  The only way to motivate yourself and free your mind and soul from the shackles of the commercial norm is to allow yourself the opportunity to consider just what you can achieve outside the confines of the gym. It’s hardly surprising that so many people, keen to improve their fitness, give up after only a few weeks of tasting what’s available down their local fitness centre!

Social fitness (Personal Training/Groups) and ZUMBA are just some of the avenues available to achieve a level of fitness that you may never have thought possible. Link those to nutrition, weight & stress management and sports massage therapy, well you are already starting to sing from the same hymn sheet. At the end of the day it’s all about a lifestyle change. What is it you truly want to achieve and how are you going to achieve it? That’s where ATP steps in. Your objectives are our objectives; your goals are our goals. Whether you succeed or fail is a measure of whether we have succeeded or failed. So the bottom line in all this is if you have already made the decision to improve your lifestyle, but want to avoid the  objects that have tripped up so many before you, then it could well be time to join the numerous individuals who have already joined the ATP family and benefited from our attitude towards health and fitness.

It will be the best decision you’ve ever made!