“An exercise class that certainly isn’t boring! Bernice’s enthusiasm is contagious – great music, great moves, great fun! Suitable for all abilities;I’m hooked and hate missing a class.”  Kath H


“I attend Zumba in BOA on Tuesdays & Thursdays & absolutely love it! I trained as a dancer for over 10 years in my youth & these classes have reminded me how much I love to dance. In my mid fifties now I look forward to the classes to help me keep fit & maintain a healthy weight. I cant praise the classes & Bernice enough!” – Karen W


“I try to attend 2 evening zumba classes a week ( when I’m not too ‘tied up’ caring for my elderly mum who has quite poorly since the New Year) at Christchurch school, Bradford on Avon which I thoroughly enjoy. Even if I sometimes feel that it’s a bit of an effort to get ready for the class, I am always glad I’ve been and feel much more alert and invigorated after the class than before! Bernice is a brilliant and dedicated teacher with a great sense of humour and the music she chooses for the routines always gives me a ‘lift’ at the end of what has often been an emotionally challenging day.

I started attending the classes when Bernice first introduced them to Bradford on Avon a few years ago now and whilst I am one of her ‘maturer’ participants who rarely gets the routines right, I never feel out of place or that it matters if I get it wrong. I just enjoy the hour and have a laugh. I know I am so much fitter and in turn healthier now which is thanks to regular zumba classes with such a friendly group of girls. Thank you so much Bernice – keep up the good work of keeping us motivated and fit.” -Helen P


“I attend (in fits and starts) Bernice’s Zumba classes on either Tuesday or Thursday in Bradford on Avon.

I always come away from them feeling that I have had a good whole body work out. Bernice’s sense of humour combined with the fab tunes and routines makes it a really great Zumba class. Good times!” – Caroline H


“I have been going to Bernice’s Zumba classes for 2 years, and love them! Zumba is a fun, uplifting way to get fit and Bernice’s classes are always full of variety. Whatever my day’s been like, I come out of a Zumba class feeling energised and with a smile on my face. Thank you!”  Joy R


“I regularly attend Bernice’s high energy & high fun Sunday morning Zumba class.  My friends & I always look forward to the session which we thoroughly enjoy.  If we begin to tire the next track comes along to boost our get up & go, & we’re off with another bouncy routine.  Bernice encourages us to perform at the level we feel comfortable with, in our case as high impact as we can muster. It’s a challenge but we love it.  The routines change regularly to keep us on our toes & keep it interesting. Thanks Bernice from a very satisfied customer.” – Katy B


“I attend B’s Zumba class in B o A . I am probably the oldest member (being over retirement age )but enjoy a hard workout to good music and a fun atmosphere always prevails with B.” – Sheila S


“When I turned up at zumba it was something I hadn’t really done before and I found Bernice to be such an immediately friendly and enthusiastic teacher.  My co-ordination is probably average but I did wonder how Bernice and certain people in the class got their bodies to move in the way they did!  I struggled at first and wondered if I would be able to get my body to move in anything like a similar way or get to know the steps/routines!  However, Bernice does keep the same tracks for a period of time before changing them so there is a chance to get to know what you are doing and as the routines change there will be repetitive zumba moves which become familiar and in fact my body does more a lot more now so I am not quite as stiff looking!  Bernice is such fun and the music is great.  You will never find a better zumba class.  I have also made friends and its a lovely fun atmosphere whilst getting a very good pretty high impact class.  I pay on a monthly basis which is easy and there are classes in various areas so I can go when and where I want to ensure I stay fit!  Its a great class for your brain and body!” -Rachel P


“If you like dancing, having fun and keeping fit, you’ve got to try B’s energetic Zumba classes. You’ll receive a big welcome, a funny story and feel part of a great class. Everyone that comes is so friendly. B cheers up a dull day and makes you go home with a spring in your step. Since starting B’s classes several years ago, we now hold a family membership and also attend Trevor’s circuit training sessions as well. These are demanding and really put you through your paces. Every week Trevor tailors his sessions so that you get a full work out. We love them!

Above all Trevor and B put themselves out for people and are the most caring, generous and considerate people I know. They gave up their time to host a Zumba and Circuit Training Marathon to raise funds for my charity. They always have a kind word and genuinely care for everyone in the ATP Health and Fitness family. 

It’s a privilege to know them.” -Honor and the Sturley family