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The 2012 annual charity fund raiser was held on Saturday 13th October. 
The all day fitness marathon was at St Mary's Roman Catholic School. 
As with last year the whole objective of the day is to raise money for charity.  
The charity this year is the Forever Friends Appeal raising money for cancer care 
based in the RUH.



ATP Enters the Dragon (boat race)

The ATP Health and Fitness machine came together again to enter the 2012 Chippenham Dragon Boat race. Members from the different fitness classes united to make a team for the Annual Rotary Club event in Monkton Park and what a day it was with heavy rain to start making things just that bit wetter and slippery in the park.

With a slow start the team went on to win a couple of the races and had great fun in doing so. Well done to everybody that made the effort not only on the day but in all the build up before. Its really great when everybody comes together like this to raise money for good causes.

Here is a youtube video of the team in action winning their race.


The Dragon Boat Team




ATP’s Annual Event 8th October 2011


The all day fitness marathon was held at St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, opposite Chippenham Hospital.  As with last year the whole objective of the day was to raise money for charity. This year we raised funds for a local lad, Jay Jenkins, who on 25 March 2009, when captaining  Sheldon School rugby, he sustained a head injury during a final match against Hardenhuish School in Chippenham, a result of which he slipped into a coma and was airlifted to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol where his condition was extremely serious. Thankfully Jay eventually returned home in 2011, and is now being cared for by his mother, family and a team of expert carers, but he requires long term care and supervision to aid his recovery, and in order to make life a little easier Jay is in dire need of a specialist hoist, and we are hoping that your efforts and valued contribution during the day will help raise enough money to purchase this item.

See some of the days events here.



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